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Will Smith Photographer It's been said many times: "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again" and I promise you it's true. I've always been intrigued by people, stories, and significant events. I love capturing these important moments, and I enjoy the look on people's faces when they see the results. I was 11 years old when I got my first camera. I took it everywhere with me and photographed everything.

I'm sure it annoyed my family and friends but they still supported me. In the years since, I never lost my passion for photography and I've spent that time learning, growing, trying new ideas, and having fun creating photos that excited me and broke the 'traditional' rules. These days I'm a professional photographer and film-maker based in Worcestershire and I've been very lucky so far.

I've produced films that have been shown around the world, photographed the famous, filmed while hanging out the side of a speeding helicopter, I've been published in magazines and newspapers, and for years I've enjoyed a very priviledged position working on the ground with the British Army!

As a wedding photographer I have always loved to tell stories with my images, and your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to uncover fantastic tales that need to be told. It's my role to capture the laughs, tears and unforgettable moments that make your day so special, so that those moments are remembered forever. I have a relaxed approach and an

Everyone is different, and every photoshoot is unique - it's the absolute best part of my job! My lifestyle photography sessions are about you and the goal is to create emotive imagery of your life's most memorable moments, capturing your unique personality, your connections and relationships, your emotions and behaviours - everything that makes you

Showing people who you are and what you offer is so much more powerful than simply telling them! I'm an experienced commercial photographer who loves to find the personality in your products and the spirit in your people. This is what sparks customer interest and makes them curious about your brand, wanting to find out more. I create headshots for businesses

Social media apps and websites have their place, but they should never detract or distract from such a special, one-off celebration like a wedding day with your loved ones! How annoying is it when you're standing at the altar and you look out to see all the guests that are sharing your big moment with you, only to be blocked from seeing their smiles

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