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Soarscape Fully licensed by the CAA, complying with IAA regulation and fully insured, we combine advanced technology with expertise in aircraft piloting to deliver high definition, commercial aerial photography and RAW video services. Aerial drones have changed the photography and videography landscape forever. To meet these needs, Soarscape offers a wide range of professional yet affordable services in three areas - Videoscape, Photoscape and Sportscape.

Our Portfolio showcases only a small selection of applications completed for our clients across a range of industries and market sectors. We are keen to spread our boundaries and welcome enquiries for any kind of project. Our aim is to deliver a unique perspective of the world. Collaborating with you, we strive for your ideas to become reality through aerial photography and videography.

Combining our knowledge and your requirements, whether as an individual or an established business, results in a product that is specifically tailored for you.

read more › Soarscape was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland, merging a passion for the latest in modern technological advances with over 4 years' experience within the professional services industry. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised solutions for the wide-ranging requirements of any client. As a professional licenced company, Soarscape actively adheres to both the C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority) and I.A.A (Irish Aviation Authority) safety regulations. The company is registered with both the C.A.A. and I.A.A. holding the requisite Permission for Commerical Operations.

read more › Breathtaking video flyovers, in high definition, to produce professionally edited clips (or RAW video, if preferred) for a range of corporate and personal uses. Stunning aerial photographs, in high resolution, to present your property or facility in a whole new perspective. The use of aerial technology within the sporting market is constantly increasing. At Soarscape, we understand the potential of this unique perspective for analysis or showcasing facilities.

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