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Mark Turnbull is a corporate and lifestyle photographer based in London, who has over twenty years experience of working with multi-national clients. Studio to location, creative, organized, professionally managed photography. Mark has worked with us on a number of projects for our corporate clients. I have always found him to be an effective, efficient and creative collaborator, who consistently produces work of the highest standard, under challenging circumstances.

Hi Mark, Just a note in brief to say how pleased we were with the photography. I realise we put you under some pressure, however we're really impressed with the end result and look forwards to working with you again. Mark provided the photography for our new website. He was fun and refreshing to work with and managed to shoot in both a highly professional and sensitive manner.

Mark produced some excellent photography that captured the personalities of the people in our business. He provided an excellent all round service from start to finish taking care of many of the peripheral details that enabled everything to go smoothly on the day.

read more › Mark Turnbull Photography is a business that takes great pride in providing London based corporates with the very highest quality business photography available. Our team not only have extensive experience in the wide range of formal and informal business photography but also a great deal of experience in the final application of those images, fully meeting your requirements and able to advise and suggest different options, providing you with a full range of images for an equally wide range of applications.

read more › Each annual report photography commission is as different as each company's operations, business, staff and management. Mark Turnbull has a long established career creating professional images specifically for company annual reports. Mark's professional photography is trusted by the City to correctly (and safely) capture the best images of your management, projects, facilities and staff for publication in a formal report. Annual Report Photography does not merely capture standard business portraits but can also include formalised portraits and landscapes, or, to portray work in progress, Mark employs a reportage style of photography capturing the 'decisive moment'.

read more › If you have invested a great deal of time and effort building your business to a point where investors are coming on board, you want to present you best side. Realising the best share value in you initial purchase offering procedures is essential. To do that you need the right investors who understand your business and can foresee the benefits of any long-term investments they may choose to make. Under these circumstances it is imperative that any prospectus or printed materials presented by the business are in keeping with the professionalism you have sought to achieve.

read more › Most large Corporate companies make significant investment in important corporate events be they large scale planning meetings, strategic summits or annual staff celebrations. One of the main benefits of running such events is the ability to recall proceedings for in house or external publication. Like anything related to a large-scale company, every representation you make has to be of the finest quality. Images of a staff event taken on a camera phone will almost never be suitable for print or even online publication.

read more › Individual portrait photography is a specialist type of photography that requires specific skills. When it comes to photographing a group of professional staff this becomes even more complicated. Photographing a Board of Directors requires expert attention to detail in lighting and composition to properly portray the board for publications online, in the press or for formal Annual Reports. When asked to take a group photograph of a board of directors our photographers will work to understand the room, the people involved and prepare the space ensuring the lighting is correct be it in a traditional wood panel boardroom or a modern, brightly-lit boardroom.

read more › Mark Turnbull is a respected, seasoned headshot photographer, specifically capturing the characters of company directors and staff in formal or informal corporate headshot images for your corporate website, annual report and linked in profiles. Many companies choose generic style formal corporate headshots, photographed in their London offices. This provides the very best images, taken in controlled conditions with the absolute minimum of working day disruption. These images can then of course be used in multiple online or print publications and in that regard provide excellent value for money with a lifetime value of several years.

read more › Nothing speaks more about your staff and their individual characters and jobs than bespoke office 'reportage' style photography, taken while they carry out their duties. Capturing natural head shots is a very specialised and skilled form of photography that has be carried out non-obtrusively in order to capture the subject behaving naturally, without forced behaviour. It requires the right camera and lens plus a very experienced photographer to capture the same high-quality images as a studio session but without flash and lighting or a break of natural flow in the subject's behaviour.

read more › Many of our corporate clients want key staff portraits shot in a studio environment, especially for their own specific applications. This involves photographing key staff members or directors in a controlled environment using studio lighting and a specific backdrop or set of backdrops, removing any background or prop from the image, leaving just the individual's portrait. These generic studio portrait images can then be used for a variety of purposes from staff handbooks to annual reports and linked in profile pictures.

read more › Once you have booked a corporate headshot or portrait photographer it makes sense to prepare for the shoot. The last thing you need to worry about is not getting the best from their experience because of a few simple oversights. Fortunately Mark Turnbull has a great deal of experience with many clients and subjects and in his career has seen every likely scenario and oversight. Firstly, have a clear idea of the space or spaces you will use for your director and staff photo shoots. Consider how physically big the area(s) are.

read more › We have supplied prestige London corporate businesses with professional photography for over 25 years. This ranges from tailored director and board member portraits through to images of working offices and staff. We are also often called upon to produce professional images of facilities, processes buildings or locations for use in Annual Reports or IPO documentation. As you should expect, we take great pride in providing extremely high quality imagery or our clients which includes household names and large city institutions such as banks and brokerages.

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