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Photography has an extraordinary power to communicate messages of social and environmental significance, and so cameras with a heart and a mind can contribute something positive to the world, just like Ansel Adams used his photographs to fight for new parks and wilderness areas. This is why supporting not-for-profit organisations is the most meaningful part of my work, as they often need compelling imagery to inform, inspire and catalyse concrete actions.

I work on documentary photography projects (currently zooming in on food waste), as well as editorial assignments, however I do occasionally undertake other types of photographic assignments - if you like the way I see the world around through the lens do not hesitate to get in touch.

My mission is to produce work with a fundamental value that goes beyond the mere beauty of an image; images infused with a sense of purpose; images that can be used as pictorial calls to action; images that make visual justice, mould perceptions, call on principles, inspire, and ultimately make a change.

read more › We exploit them to eat, to wear, to labour, to entertain us, and to learn. Some of the largest industries in the world rely entirely on them for profit. The truth is that animals are neither "property" nor "things", but rather living organisms who are worthy of our support, friendship and compassion. They can see, hear, smell and feel, remember and forget, manifest individuality, fidelity, affection, gratitude, sorrow, fear, love, joy, reason, curiosity, imagination, the same as human beings do.

read more › The growing stream of waste, as rapidly driven by two main factors - our out-of-control consumption habits and population growth -, is one of the defining challenges of the 21st century. After superfluous consumption - often symbolised by pushing a trolley along a supermarket aisle - comes the final stage in the life-cycle of a product: disposal - which is not always immediately "out of sight". Most waste ends up in incinerators and in neverending piles of trash, both hazardous spaces filled with toxics that pollute soil, water, air, eventually life itself.

read more › Every 21 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. Boys are 3 to 4 times more likely to be affected than girls. Autistic children have difficulty communicating and interacting effectively with others, they are absorbed in repetitive behaviours and are often seen as unresponsive. They seemed locked in a world of their own. No cure is known for this disorder. However, children recover occasionally. This occurs sometimes after intensive treatment and sometimes not. There is an urgency for us to spread autism awareness to help raise the necessary funding for services, research and treatment.

read more › Brave Old World, which offers a leisurely stroll through the seasons, taking in baking, brewing and butchery. In 2011, I photographed people and places across London that care about sustainability, as intern photographer for The Jellied Eel. The Jellied Eel - London's magazine for ethical eating is a quarterly magazine of London Food Link. London Food Link runs a network of organisations and individuals who care about sustainable food and its members are as diverse as farmers and food writers, caterers and community food projects.

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