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Jason Williams Photography You're planning the celebration of your life: a wedding that's tailored to who you are as individuals and a couple. You're looking for somebody who's going to capture the true essence of it - the authentic emotion, the laughs, the mushy stuff. You want to look at your photos and say "This is who we are, and we did that". I'm Jason Williams, an alternative wedding photographer based in Hampshire on the south coast of England.

And my life's work is to deliver exactly what I've described above - shooting local weddings in Portsmouth and Southampton, but also throughout the UK and beyond. I've got a very raw photography style, and I love to tell an authentic story of the day by getting into the thick of the action. I love to shoot visceral, up-close imagery that is full of heart and honesty; I want people who look at my photos to have a true sense of what it was like to attend.

The document of your greatest of days. I absolutely love to come home with a truckload of celebratory images from the day, especially epic dancefloor grabs.

read more › If I'm not out on a shoot, or at my desk editing images, then I'm sure I'll be hanging out with my wife Jen, our little boys Dexter and Felix, and our scruffy little dog Hendrix. Maybe at the beach; probably eating. Taking time out together, enjoying life. It's what it's all about I guess. It's certainly the reason to do it this way - to be self-employed, to brave the rollercoaster of the seasons and the unpredictability of the work. I gave it all up - certainty, security, routine - to pursue this dream.

read more › Now, I hate to assume anything, but this might be the only time you've hired a professional photographer for. So, I've outlined some brief thoughts on how I like to think about my approach to artistic wedding photography. This is not an exhaustive list - it's just some principles I come back to again and again. I am REALLY into creating art. Not for the sake of it, not merely to show off, but for its intrinsic value. Collections of images of your greatest day in a tasteful, timeless, artistic and slightly alternative fashion; work that we know will last a lifetime.

read more › Alternative wedding photography - what does it mean to you? For me, it's a blank canvas. We can put our own spin on it, we create something which is YOU, be it big or small, grand or intimate, traditional or "un-wedding". Whatever route you choose, I'd love to come along for the ride. No awkward poses. No boring fluff. However, being an alternative wedding photographer doesn't mean just pure freestyle jazz from start to finish. I'm an experienced professional, and I know weddings like the back of my hand - so although I have an artistic approach to composition, when it comes to managing a shoot and getting what I need on the day, I'm all business.

read more › With elopements, smaller weddings and micro weddings, be it in Hampshire or further afield, flexibility is everything. Whether you've decided an elopement is the way to go, or you're having a micro wedding because that's all that is allowed, you don't want rigid packages forced upon you. An element of freedom is what I try to offer. I'm happy to tailor your package so it suits. Weddings are about one thing - love. Whether 100 people get to witness, or only 2, it should be special, and it should be captured and documented for all time so you can say "This is us, and we did that".

read more › A pre-wedding engagement photoshoot is such a brilliant way of getting to know each other before the big day. And it's also a fantastic chance for you to get used to being photographed together, if that's not something that you do very often! The wedding day itself can be a hectic affair even with the best of planning, so a dry run definitely never hurts. But more than that: when do you ever take time to get some beautiful shots together in lovely surrounds? They're great for so many things - for the mantlepiece, for your wedding invitations or wedding website, or just to celebrate your love together.

read more › Life with kids is anything but clean and pretty and precise. It's always chaotic. It's always moving. It's always a challenge. And it is never, EVER boring. With Wild of Spirit, my goal is to bottle a little bit of that craziness, and present it in a collection of images portraying what childhood is all about. Running. Crying. Covered in mud. Skinned knees. You know how it goes. Kids don't want to sit still, they want to explore and mess about and just, well, be kids. So let's let them do that.

read more › Each wedding is unique. Some are local. Some are further afield. Some are small. Some are large. One thread however runs through them all - love. You want that captured, bottled, and put away so you can treasure it forever, then let's talk investment. I have tried my best to keep it simple, but packages can feel a little restrictive. I'm here to create something which works for you. Realistically, there's lots of things to think about, so the best thing to do is to get in touch to have a chat about your wedding!

read more › There's no such thing as a daft question. This process is entirely new to the majority of my clients. So - here's a few of the most common questions I get during the booking process and after - of course, if your question isn't answered here, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. How many images do we get? This varies a little, but the very minimum you can expect is 400. Most of the time I deliver over 500+. However I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and I don't include duplicates or very similar photos in order to bump up the total image count.

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