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Tony Hall Derbyshire Wedding Photographer I am Tony Hall Derbyshire Wedding Photographer and I believe that wedding photography should be creative; it should be fun, it should be the thing that you look back on in years to come and it makes you smile. It may even make you cry. That's why I am a wedding photographer; I love my job. I do not believe that you or your guests should be frogmarched around on the day, you are all there to enjoy yourselves and have a good time.

It is my job to capture that and save it for you. I never forgot whose day it is; yours, not mine, that's why I will often have a 2nd shooter/assistant with me. That way, we get the group shots you have asked for, quickly and professionally. My background is fashion & advertising photography, I have also worked as a stills photographer for ITV. People skills are one of my greatest assets.

A good wedding photographer needs serious people skills. Technical ability counts for nothing if you can't connect with the people you are photographing. Your wedding, above all else, is about people.

My pricing will reflect peak and off-peak times. Therefore, please use this as a guide as a midweek winter wedding is in lower demand than a summer Saturday. That is why it is always a good idea to have a chat on the phone to see what we can work out for you. What you may end up buying will also have a bearing on my quote, which can range from as little

If you're struggling to find something to put on your wedding gift list, why not ask your guests to buy you wedding photography vouchers? In denominations of 20, 50 and 100, guests can order these vouchers direct from me and they will be sent the voucher in the post in their own gift card to give you on your special day. Wedding gift vouchers are a

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