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Sarita White Photography We work with you on your corporate image - portraits, annual reports, trade magazines and any and all advertising and PR material. Our services include commercial and advertising work, corporate headshots, photography of your offices and plant operations, as well as designing content for publication. No job is too big or too small - we approach each assignment with the same level of proficiency and professionalism, and we look forward to working together to create and sustain a strong, marketable brand for your company.

read more › Attention to specifics, a "make-it-work" attitude and a willingness to work long hours describe me best. My years working in advertising, both as a copywriter and an audiovisual producer, honed my eye for detail and love for location work. I am in my element working on-site, and have spent equal amounts of time balancing on a 2*4 board in a 50ft. My team and I are equally at home plying our craft in high security Ministries and Corporate Boardrooms, as well as on location in wildly varying conditions, working with ad agencies and television crews on their latest campaigns.

read more › Our team brings different strengths and skill-sets in both photography and videography to bear on every job we undertake. We each see and record in very specific ways, which makes our deliverables that much stronger. Chad Lue Choy is our resident street, adventure and travel photographer. He has been travelling the world for the past 13 years, making images of interesting people and amazing destinations. He is happiest undergoing sensory overload in a food market, racing down a single track on two wheels or exploring the bustling neighbourhoods of a new city.

read more › I'm staying with an aunt, and while making coffee early one morning, I noticed the light falling on to a countertop tile in a very interesting way. I decided to rummage around to find items in the kitchen that would fit on it, and in the course of shooting every morning around the same time (there's nothing like a photography project to get you out of bed!), I came to marvel at how very ordinary, everyday objects could cast such magnificent - and distinctive - shadows. I love puns, so it became a personal challenge to not only shoot these items, but come up with catchy titles for them.

read more › In 2016, I spent part of Carnival Tuesday shooting images of masqueraders on their phones. On stage, off stage, in the stands and the streets - the disconnect between the individual and the event was astounding to me. I just found the whole phenomenon totally fascinating, I guess mainly in part because I'm surrounded by people who habitually use their phones in company, and the fact that it spilled over into something that you're supposed to lose yourself in was interesting. I didn't shoot people to embarrass them, but I felt, and still do, that the cellphone phenomenon among masqueraders was worth capturing.

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